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Peninsula Young Entrepeneur of the Year

The Frankston Sunrise Rotary and Frankston Business Network have teamed up to present the inaugural Peninsula Young Entrepreneur Awards!

It is absolutely FREE to enter Peninsula Young Entrepreneur of the Year Awards and is open to anybody with a business 30 years of age and younger.


This is your chance to demonstrate your entrepreneurial chops to the world! All you need to do is fill out the form below to the best of your abilities.

There are TWO award categories an applicant can apply to:
The Startup or Student Entrepreneur of the Year.

Each winner will receive:
– $1000 cash from the Frankston Sunrise Rotary Club
– One Frankston Business Network membership valued at $280
– One 3-month full-time membership to the Frankston Foundry valued at $1815
– Mentoring from Rotary’s esteemed board members (invaluable!)

ALL applicants will also receive a special something to help support them on their entrepreneurial journey.

More about Frankston Sunrise Rotary
More about the Frankston Business Network
More about the Frankston Foundry

Entrepreneur Categories – Which one do I choose?
The Startup Entrepreneur of the Year is for entrepreneurs currently working full-time in their business and are not studying. Student Entrepreneur of the Year is for entrepreneurs still at or enrolled in high-school, TAFE or university, and are pursuing their entrepreneurial ventures in conjunction with their studies.

In each category, we’re looking for entrepreneurs with pioneering ideas and scalable business models. Most importantly, they need to be active in the market and have demonstrable revenue.


The criteria of this awards program has been inspired by similar entrepreneur award programs both domestic and abroad. The information you provide may be used to inform any articles published about you, should you be short-listed. So, get your facts right! Don’t reveal information you don’t want published. (And watch your spelling and grammar too please. It will make life easier for everyone.)

APPLICATIONS CLOSE MIDNIGHT March 20th 2017. Winners will be announced on March 22nd and will need to be available to accept the award at the Frankston Business Network’s event of that evening



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