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Jim’s Conveyancing, Frankston

Hello, my name is Teresa. I am the Director of Jim’s Conveyancing in Frankston. I help home buyers and sellers all over Melbourne and regional Victoria, from the Peninsula to Preston, Mildura to Orbost, and all stops in between.

The journey of buying a home can be long and arduous. Saving up the deposit, finding a loan, going through open houses, right up to the moment the auctioneer slams his hand and yells SOLD!! It can be very stressful and draining on you. The last thing you need is the burden and hassle with the paperwork from a conveyancer. You just want it to work, smoothly. And with me, it does.

I am very professional, and I am very open and friendly with those I work with. I love what I do. I find my life rewarding and satisfying, especially that phone call I give people, at the end of the adventure, when they are tired, excited and waiting. I get to call them and say- congratulations, you’ve just inherited thirty years of debt! They also seem to like my sense of humour.

My previous work history includes national roll-outs of projects and teams. I am great at leading and mentoring people, getting the best results from those I work with. I have fantastic attention to detail, and my friends would describe me as bright, intelligent, funny and always there when they need me.

Conveyancing is a growing industry and I am well placed to grow with it. I am the person you want to speak to when you’re overwhelmed with the complexity and language of buying a house. I’m a mother, a real person, and I speak a real person’s language. I will hold your hand all the way through.

Do you want to know more? Give me a call, drop me an email, let’s have a conversation. Get to know me, let me help you feel calm and relaxed before you spend a lot of money.


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