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Eview Group-Michelle Braggins

BRAGGINS & CO ESTATE AGENTS, is a proud member of the EVIEW GROUP. The first multi-brand real estate network in Australia.

We believe that vendors should choose their agent first and then their agency. In doing so we recognise the experience, skill-set and personality match of the individual agent to the vendor is the most important aspect when deciding who will represent you in your sale to ensure the best result and sales experience possible.

Our Director :-

Michelle Braggins’ warm and friendly nature, is backed by a strong professional focus and devout loyalty to her clients, afterall… she has most likely walked in your shoes. With a personal love for property, building a new home, selling, buying to renovate for long term investment and delving in small development projects and a personal property investment portfolio. She understands from first-hand personal experience what it takes to generate the best results from a property as a buyer, vendor and as an agent, smart marketing and sales strategies combined with strong negotiation skills, friendly nature, knowledge, intuition and service excellence. Ever the determined optimist who thinks outside the box, Michelle is keen to share her insights and expertise, to help you to achieve your property goals.

Michelle is a licensed estate agent with over 11 years industry experience.


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