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Campbell Page

For 30 years Campbell Page have been helping Australians in difficult situations overcome personal challenges, find employment and regain their independence. While each person’s situation is unique, the people we assist often need help with:

  • completing education to gain work
  • learning workplace skills and;
  • finding the right job and keeping it.


If you’re looking for skilled new staff, our free recruitment service can help you find the right employee for your business.

As a provider of Disability Employment Services for the Australian Government, we can provide you with professional advice and one-on-one support from our consultants.

Our consultants will:

  • screen, interview and prepare candidates to make sure they are right for the job
  • provide pre-vocational training and support so that your new recruit is ready for work on day one
  • help you access incentives and financial assistance through the Australian Government. These could include wage subsidies, workplace modification incentives and other financial assistance.


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