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Organisation Information

The FBN is the public brand of The Greater Frankston Business Chamber (GFBC).

To ensure that the GFBC is operating in a manner that is transparent, fair and equitably represents the benefits of all members it has developed as series of documents that we act in accordance with.

The Charter

The purpose of the GFBC is:

To act as a major professional organisation representing the industrial, commercial and primary business interests of Frankston City. To promote the advancement of the above interests and provide a meeting place where members may by friendly discussion engender good fellowship.

To forward to the appropriate bodies, projects, which will improve business in the Frankston City. To develop a civic pride with the business community in Frankston City through the development and growth of business and through the promotion of the values the business community is to the City.

To view our full charter and constitution click here.

Operating Policies

The GFBC has a range of policies that govern the organisation. These include:

Position Descriptions

The GFBC has developed position descriptions of all key Board and Employee positions. These include Position Description PresidentPosition Description Vice President Position Description Treasurer, Position Description Secretary, General Board Member, Executive Officer, and Admin Assistant.

If you require a copy of any of these documents please contact the FBN office.


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